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Last year was a booming time for podcasts. People have shown an increasing interest in audio storytelling and discussions, and it looks like 2018 is going to be another great year for podcast creators across the world. 

If you're looking for the next series to get you through your daily workout or commute, check out some of these brand new shows. 

For the Internet Junkie: Endless Thread

WBUR has teamed up with Ben Johnson and Amory Siverston to create a podcast for the Americans who live inside digital communities. The hosts discuss everything from Fake News to trolls and bots. Reddit might be the site to visit on your laptop, but this is the show to listen to when you're out and about. If you want to stay up to date on the latest and greatest trends online, then you need this podcast in your life. 

For the Romantic: This Is Love 

The people behind the podcast Criminal are back at it, and this time they're tackling a very different subject: love. Delve into stories of messy relationships, fascinating obsessions, and plenty of complicated romance. The episodes will suck you in and spit you back out, so prepare to be addicted. 

For the Wannabe Detective: Atlanta Monster 

If you live alone, you might not want to listen to this chilling crime podcast before turning out the lights. The producers of HowStuffWorks are digging into the horrific Atlanta Child Murders to find the truth, and the journey won't be easy. Join them as they learn what happened to 25 African American children and young adults nearly forty years ago. 

For the Listener With a Vivid Imagination: The Walk 

Even if you're an avid podcast listener, you've never experienced a show quite like this one. In The Walk, you become the hero of the story. It's your duty to get a package from Inverness to Edinburgh, Scotland, but a terrorist attack leads to an electromagnetic pulse that turns off every car and train in the area. Listen as you find a way to survive in this chaotic world and complete your mission, along with the help of others. 

For the Person Who Wants to Be Informed: Night Call 

Even if you don't own a tinfoil hat, you'll get a kick out of this show by Molly Lambert, Tess Lynch, and Emily Yoshida. Together, they dive down a rabbit hole full of conspiracy theories while offering advice on the impending apocalypse. They talk about everything from pop culture to fascinating internet trends, so no matter what you like to learn about, they'll give you something to chew on. 

For the Citizen Who Misses the Previous President: Making Obama 

NPR is taking a close look at the mentors, experiences, and setbacks that made Former President Barack Obama the man we all knew during his terms. If you listened to season one of this series, Making Oprah, then you'll definitely want to check this follow up season out. 

For the Aspiring Writer: Launch 

If you're someone who hopes to eventually write a book, or even if you just love learning about the writing and publication process, then you need to give this new podcast a shot. Screenwriter John August tells listeners about his experience as a novel writer and gives you an inside look at the industry that plays such a huge role in pop culture. 

For the Treasure Hunter: Empty Frames 

Almost 28 years ago, thirteen priceless paintings were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. The details of the art's disappearance have remained a mystery, but now, Lance Reenstierna and Tim Pilleri hope to uncover the truth about the missing treasure. The hosts will examine case theories, social impacts of their theft, and the aftermath of this infamous heist. 

What podcasts are you listening to this year? Leave other suggestions in the comments below!