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The staff at Houston Can Academy near Houston Hobby Airport dressed in different colors to represent different aspects of our Earth and how we can maintain it.  On Monday the staff wore blue to bring awareness about water usage.  Tuesday the color was yellow to represent awareness about energy consumption.  Green was worn on Wednesday to bring a focus on recycling and Thursday was brilliant brown to focus on land stewardship.  The week was capped off with white to represent air quality.

A spring garden was also planted that everyone has a part in.  This is the first garden for the school and the students are maintaining it daily with watering and weeding.  Tomatoes, peppers and arugula are a few of the plants that they are learning to grow.  Two English teachers from the school are overseeing the activities and guiding the students with advice.  The maintenance staff at the campus has also added their expertise and helping to deter rabbits from foraging by putting up netting.

Students were able to try and taste arugula for lunch one day and were surprised at how fresh it tasted.  The garden is located in the middle area of the campus were there is a green space for students to mingle and take a break during classes.  The garden has become the focal point for the area and a great way to represent to the students that you can grow your own food. 

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